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Summer is here, and how! And like every year, we wish we had booked that dreamy Himalayan trip to beat the heat – even if it were for a handful of days!

All the kick-ass Mumbai pages will rightfully suggest you try picturesque resorts, fun art/yoga retreats, drink this, eat that – and my not-so-deep pocket longs for all of them, wishing it weren’t so small!

If you are in the same category as I, here’s how I’ve managed to add some zing to my summer weekends, albeit, without burning a gaping hole in my wallet.


  1. Agro-tourism

Imagine having abundant juicy summer fruits, while being surrounded by farms and fresh air.

Imagine watching cultural performances like Malkhamb or Tarpa dance, while participating in DIY workshops conducted by locals.

If this picture tempts you, you could try fruit farms in Wada, Dahanu or wholesome farm like Saguna Baug (Neral)

Bonus: They provide home cooked lip-smacking food for lunch!


(In pictures: Mango plantation, watermelon farm, Tarpa dance)


  1. Heritage walks

Getting to know about your city has never been so easy and interesting! For a lot of places, I’ve found a fountain of information online and explored them on my own. Likewise, for a bunch of places I went for guided tours and came back filled with renewed love for the city – almost all stories start with when Bombay was a collection of Seven Islands, held by Portuguese, and later given in dowry to British.

If you’re curious to know further, try exploring Fort, Mazgaon, Bandra or Sion. Trust me, you’d never see Bombay the same way again!

(In pictures: Bandra (Ranwar village), Mazgaon, University of Mumbai) 


  1. Say hi to the museums!

I myself wasn’t a museum person until I decided to see one. And boy, was I floored! While it was blazing hot outside, I was chilling inside listening to audio guides or guided museum tour.

While the child me was clueless, the present me didn’t want to leave it – for example, Bhau Daji Lad museum recently had a 3-month long exhibit on Asymmetrical Objects. It also has a workshop section that let me play with clay!

Wish to give it a try? You could try CSMVS, Dr. Bhau Daji Lad museum, RBI monetary museum

Tip: Do look up the museum timings and guided tour timings on the website beforehand

(In pictures: CSMVS museum, Dr. Bhau Daji Lad museum) 


  1. Mumbai – the newest street art hub

Thanks to the recently concluded Sassoon Docks Art Project, Mumbai locals discovered the old beautiful parts of the city, and voila, its street art!

If you are one of the people who are awestruck by the beauty and imagination of street artists, you’re just in luck – there are multiple places in Mumbai that breathe life in the walls – try exploring Bandra West, Asalpha village, Saki Naka police station, D N Nagar metro station or Vasai.

(In pictures: Bandra, Asalpha village, Sassoon Docks)


  1. Lesser visited beaches in Mumbai

Say no to tightly packed beaches of your hood and head in the opposite direction to feast your eyes on empty beaches of Uttan, Vasai and Manori.

The best part is these beaches have lush greenery/beautiful fishing villages surrounding them.

Plus points: Your space, peace, dreamy pictures and easily accessible by train/cab


(In pictures: Uttan beach, Manori beach)

If you’ve read this far, thank you very much for your time.

If you’re interested in knowing more about a specific topic stated above, do let me know in comments/mail.

Have a great week!


All pictures are taken by yours truly.

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